The Hidden Opportunities for Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Clock tower and green trees on the waterfront
Photo: Hampton University

It is time to modernize the sick and annual leave policies for federal government employees

Morning fog spread along mountain range

It is time to put up or shut up with the Democrats in control

White House at night
Credit: Fredrick W. Lee

15 areas to pay attention in 2021

Two way road on the horizon with sunlight shining from cloud and the words 2021 at the end of the road.
Graphic: DarkmoonArt_de, Pixabay; Wording: Fredrick W. Lee

How close was I in picking the areas?

ClearCompliance Uses Its Compliance Auditing Experience to Help Student-Athletes With Their Name, Image, and Likeness

Arizona State Univerity arena at dusk with illuminating lights with a cloudy background

a compliance auditor’s perspective to the rules on name, image, and likeness

Photo: Fredrick W. Lee

Beware of this person

Monster/CJ Entertainment

White lettered HBCU written on a light blue keyboard button.
Credit: AliFuat/Adobe Stock

Dark colored head and shoulder statute of Martin Luther King, Jr. with trees in the background.
Photo credit: Fredrick W. Lee

A timely recap from Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King for today’s chaotic world

Fredrick W. Lee

21+ years of compliance audit experience; licensed certified internal auditor and certified fraud examiner; founder/CEO of ClearCompliance Group and F+C Group;

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